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Almond pistachio cranberry cookies and Butter cookies – By Bhavana

The other day I was in store where world’s best cookies are sold. What caught my eye was Almond and Pistachio cookies, and Orange and Cranberry cookies. Well.. I did not buy them, but I was inspired to bake …so I came up with almond, pistachio and craneberry cookies. Also enjoy some kid’s favorite cookies. […]

Thin Crust wheat Pizza Dough – By Bhavana

Get thin crust layer of wheat. Ideal for regular crust as well. Title Runtime3:56 View count1,980,665 TitleThin Crust wheat Pizza Dough Runtime8:03 View count23,751 TitleHomemade Thin Crust Pizza Video Recipe by Bhavna – Low fat!!! Runtime8:11 View count21,782 TitleNo Yeast Tawa Naan Recipe Video – Quick & Easy Yeast free naan or Pizza dough […]

Dudhi or Lauki(Bottle Gourd) Halwa – By Bhavana

Enjoy the sweet but healthy dish. 12next » Title Runtime3:56 View count1,980,665 TitleDudhi or Lauki Halwa Video Recipe – Bottlegourd pudding(quick) Runtime7:15 View count78,343 TitleHow to make Dudhi or Lauki Halwa (Bottle gourd dessert) Video Recipe by Bhavna Runtime7:15 View count46,876 TitleLauki or Dudhi Kofta – Bottle Gourd Dumplings – Indian Recipes by Bhavna […]

Grilled sub sandwich – By Bhavana

vegetable grilled sub sandwich. Very easy to make in your home kitchen. Better testing than fast food restaurants. 12next » Title Runtime3:56 View count1,980,665 TitleIndian style Grilled sub sandwich Video Recipe by Bhavna Runtime5:34 View count40,188 TitleGrilled Veggie Sub Sandwich Runtime12:46 View count40,820 TitleGrilled Tofu Sandwich Recipe by Manjula Runtime6:17 View count109,830 TitleMasala Sandwich […]

Falafel – By Bhavana

Very delicious, easy to make and can go with sandwiches, pita pocket and wraps. 12345next » Title Runtime3:56 View count1,980,665 TitleHara Bhara Kabab Video Recipe – Indian Green Falafel Recipe by Bhavna Runtime7:31 View count23,875 TitleHealthy Sandwich Recipes & Tips… Eating Well by Bhavna – Falafel Beans Diet Runtime7:41 View count38,197 TitleSpinach & ChickPea […]

Navratan Korma or Vegeatable Korma(Mix vegetable curry) – By Bhavana

This is an Indian mughlai vegetable korma with nuts, paneer cheese, and an adjustable list of vegetables made in tomato-cream sauce. Navratan literally means Nine Gems and this dish is named after the nine different vegetables and nuts and used to prepare it … “navratan korma recipe” “vegetable korma” “paneer recipe” “onion paste” “tomato paste” […]

Farsi Puri or poori(crispy puri) – By Bhavana

Cripy crunchy puri made with Caraway seeds. This is very tastey itself or serve with an Indian tea. Everyone will love this mouth melted puri including kids as well. 12next » Title Runtime3:56 View count1,980,665 TitleHow to make Farsi Puri or poori (crispy puri) Video Recipe by Bhavna Runtime9:35 View count85,933 TitleBanana Puris or […]

Sukhdi(Golpapdi) – By Bhavana

Indian traditional gujarati sweet dish. Very engergy giving dish. Made with date. Dates and jaggery(gud) both are full of Iron. 12next » Title Runtime3:56 View count1,980,665 TitleSukhdi recipe (Gor Papri or Gol papdi) Runtime9:48 View count87,645 TitleVegetable Quesadilla Runtime8:16 View count55,245 TitleMethi Thepla Video Recipe (Fenugreek leaves bread )- Kid's favorite Runtime9:27 View count48,197 […]

Fafda(Chickpea Snack) – By Bhavana

Cuisine: Indian special popular snack of Gujrat Fafda is a popular Gujrati snack. Fafda and Jalebi makes great combination. Learn how to make start to finish Fafda through video presentation. 12345next » Title Runtime3:56 View count1,980,665 TitleFafda Recipe Video – Chickpea Snack – Gujarati Cuisine Recipe by Bhavna Runtime7:54 View count265,990 TitleFafda making Stall […]

Eggplant Parmesan(Eggless) – By Bhavana

Cuisine: Italian A classic Italian baked eggplant Parmesan casserole with fried eggplant slices layered with Mozzarella, Parmesan, marinara sauce. If you don’t want to fry eggplant then Eggplant slices can be dipped in egg(use egg substitute for vegan) and bread crumbs and then bake, instead of frying. This is one of my favorite italian dish […] Chefs Blogs Blog Directory & Search engine blogarama - the blog directory Recipe Blogs - Blog Catalog Blog Directory Blog Directory